Aug. 27, Week 1:
Review syllabus, materials and discuss
Handout 1st assignment Frankenstein
Handout final project

Sept. 3, Week 2:
Class review of sketches for 1st assignment
Sept. 10, Week 3:
One-on-one review of 1st assignment while drawing from model

Sept. 17, Week 4:
Critique 1st assignment
Handout 2nd assignment The Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

Sept. 24, Week 5:
Review rough sketches for 2nd handout while drawing from model

Oct. 1, Week 6:
Review 2nd assignment work in progress while drawing from model

Oct. 8, Week 7:
Critique 2nd assignment
Handout Final Project (see below for suggested topic if you are unable to come up with one of your own)

On Mount Everest, Sherpa Guides Bear The Brunt Of The Danger
The Sherpa people of Nepal have become famous for guiding mountain climbers up some of the world's highest peaks, especially Mount Everest. And while Sherpa guides earn relatively good pay for their work, they and their families pay a price in death and injury. According to Grayson Schaffer, a senior editor and writer for Outside magazine, a Sherpa working above Everest's base camp is nearly 10 times more likely to die than a commercial fisherman, the most dangerous, nonmilitary occupation in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Oct. 15, Week 8: (Midterm week)
Review page one of final project while drawing from model

Oct. 22, Week 9:
Review page one of Final Project

Oct. 29, Week 10:
Critique page one of final project while drawing from model

Nov. 5, Week 11:
Review page two of Final Project

Nov. 12, Week 12:
Review page two of  final project while drawing from model

Nov. 19, Week 13 No Class/Thanksgiving Break

Nov. 26, Week 14:
Critique page two of Final Project

Dec. 3, Week 15:
Critique completed Final Project
Final project will be reviewed during survey
Juniors Survey Tuesday Dec. 10
Seniors Survey Wednesday Dec. 9

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